Feb 23, 2017

Teachers Need First Aid in The News

I Heart Radio Feb, 2017
The province, through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board only mandates that one employee of a school must be trained to potentially save a live.

More teachers need to be trained in first aid and CPR
Caledon Enterprise February 23, 2017

Are one or two adults certified in first aid and CPR training at your child’s school enough to provide life saving measures in case of an emergency?

Our local school boards seem to think so.

It’s both surprising and concerning that teachers are not required to be trained in first aid. There’s no legislation mandated by the Ministry of Education that requires Ontario certified teachers to hold first aid and CPR training.

The Surprising Truth About Schools and First Aid
Toronto 4 Kids May, 2016

Legally there is no requirement for teachers and school staff to have current and up to date First Aid & CPR training.

Did you know that legally there is no requirement for teachers and school staff to have current and up to date First Aid & CPR training? Nor are there any legal requirements for staff to have an emergency medical response plan for the children that are in their care. Scary isn’t it!

Feb 22, 2017

Deaths in Schools That Lead To Laws in First Aid

Ontario Laws First Aid and CPR:

Sabrina Shannon DIED School staff did not react properly during an allergic reaction along with the fact Shannon had her Epipen in her locker at the time of her reaction lead to her death. Sabrina's Law was formed. School staff are now required to have allergy training.

Ryan Gibbons DIED He died of an asthmatic reaction, the school principal kept taking, and locking up his inhaler. School staff did not react properly during his asthma attack. Ryan's Law was formed. Students now have a right to carry asthma medications, and staff are required to have training in asthma care, as well schools required to have written asthma plans.

Rowan Stringer DIED After school staff did not recognize signs of concussion, or know how to treat concussions on site. Rowan's Law was formed, every school board is now required to have a concussion protocol. Ministry of Education is to provide funding to the school boards for First Aid/ CPR training at each school.

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Jun 1, 2016


PubMed comprises more than 26 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.

From PubMed:
Emergencies in the school setting: are public school teachers adequately trained to respond?
This study attempted to determine the extent of training and emergency care knowledge of public school teachers in midwestern states. A secondary purpose was to assess the frequency of injury and illness in the school setting requiring the teacher to first-respond.

Public school teachers represent a potentially effective first-response component during disasters and isolated emergencies in the school environment. Overall, most of public school teachers in this study were deficient in both training and knowledge of emergency care and BLS modalities. Lack of effective, formal emergency care training in teacher preparation programs coupled with no continuing education requirement is a possible explanation of these results. Emergency medical services providers should seek opportunities to help with first-responder training and continuing education in their schools.

The above sites American teachers. Are Canadian/ Ontario teachers any better prepared?

May 30, 2016

Hazards At School

My youngest injured herself on an obvious hazard at school. A few Days Later I asked the school principal to reevaluate the hazard, she agreed. I stressed I did not have a solution but I wanted the safety issue discussed. The principal agreed said she was the Health and Safety Representative for the school. Later she told me that the Safety Committee Members decided to remove the hazard. Later a teacher, the principle claimed was on this committee told me she knew nothing about this issue or the committee.

Two years later my child was again was injured, in a freak accident, this time not one one staff member on site had Firstaid, this information was kept from me. The school secretary kept saying she did not get around to making a list of people with First Aid/ CPR, not saying no one had the training. A teacher told me that not one staff had the training, other than the school principle. (who was out of the building at the time) The trustees thought this was a union issue not a safety issue, so they did not help, but knew of the issue AFTER i told them. Later I found out that training was indeed a safety issue (covered by WISB Safety Laws). I suspect someone at WSIB found out, because I found documents online claiming Halton schools obeyed WSIB guidelines when it came to staff being trained in First Aid/ CPR that were released shortly after the second injury.

After telling parents of the issues, dozens of parents complained or asked questions at the school, only then did the school act, in training staff. I have no idea if one of the parents told WSIB, or if the injury report from the school got to the WBSB. Perhaps the problem reached the board level somehow, and that's why Halton made the claim the laws were being meet.

The Halton District Catholic School Board updated their Operation Policy on First Aid:
The Halton Catholic District School Board will sponsor the following number of employees for each site to receive Standard First Aid and C.P.R./A.E.D. with Administrator approval:
• Elementary Schools - 2 employees
• Elementary Schools over 700 staff and students - 3 employees
• Elementary Schools over 900 staff and students - 4 employees
• Secondary Schools - 4 employees
• Central Office Sites - 2 employees 2. Each school site will meet the requirements of WSIB First Aid Regulation 1101 relating to first aid equipment, facilities and trained personnel

The Halton District School Board Letter:
Currently, the Human Resources Department trains staff in Standard First Aid in order to be compliant with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. The minimum training requires two staff are trained in every elementary school and three staff in every secondary school and administrative office. Standard First Aid training is a two day course that includes CPR, defibrillator and emergency first aid.

Sep 8, 2015

Concussion Identification Management Policy

Halton District School Board Concussion Protocol.

Administrative Procedure: Concussion Protocol. Halton District School Board

Emergency First Aid Training In order to supplement the Standard First Aid Training required to meet the terms of the WSIB legislation, the Board will offer the one day Emergency First Aid training, in addition to that identified in #1 above, to:
i. 3 full time employees for each elementary school
ii. 2 full time employees of secondary school
iii. 3 full time employees of each administrative facility

Ministry of Education funding to school districts to support the full implementation of Provincial Policy Memorandum 158 ("PPM 158"), including the costs associated with Ontario Physical and Health Education Association safety guidelines and coaching/first aid certifications;

Rowan's Law

Read when When not one teacher at my kids school had CPR/ first aid training My child suffered an injury, no one was trained how to handle the injury, or recognize a concussion, or any other medical situation, for that matter.

See Also: Ontario Laws First Aid and CPR

Jun 18, 2015

Ontario Report Cards, Teachers MAY Comment

Fundamental Freedoms (From The Canadian Charter)

(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
(d) freedom of association.

So teachers can CHOOSE to go on, and plan field trips (peaceful assembly) and write report cards (expression) if they want!
(within the guidelines of the Education Act) Read The Charter:

If a teacher tells you they can't plan or go on school field trips, tell them under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms they have the right to take part in peaceful assembly, so they can go on field trips so long as they are peaceful! Or challenge them to find the law that overrides the Charter, Canada's highest law.

Oct 21, 2014

Often Provinces Not School Boards Require First Aid Training

When my child had an accident at school, not one staff at my child's school had current First Aid/ CPR trainning. This means if my child stopped breathing, or my child's heart stopped beating, due to an allergic reaction, or any other reason, the paramedics may not have been able to reach my child in time. I know of children that HAVE been given improper first aid after injuries at schools.

Each Provence in Canada requires workplaces (including schools) to have employees with current first aid training. The WISB has he auhority to close any workplace (including schools) who do not meet safety requirments. If I had known this I would have reported my school to the WISB

Newfoundland and Labrador
Occupational Health and Safety First Aid Regulations

Prince Edward Island
New first aid regulations in PEI

Nova Scotia
First Aid Guide

New Brunswick
Occupational Health and Safety Act

First-aid Minimum Standards Regulation

First Aid Requirements

Workplace Safety and Health Regulation

Workplace First Aiders and Legal Requirements

British Columbia
British Columbia Employment Standards Act and Regulations

Nunavut’s Safety Regulations

Northwest Territories
Yukon Territory

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